Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Grade

And we are off! The school year is officially in swing.

8-7-2013 004

Last Friday we had meet and greet at Reese’s new school. We met her teacher and walked around the school so she could get acquainted with it. Her teacher seemed nice but I don’t think she is going to be the lovey-dovey type that Reese has had in the past. When I told Lance that he said “Good!”.

8-7-2013 015

Throughout the week she has been super excited about school. Every once in a while she will look at me and say, “I’m nervous!” and every time I tell her that is OK. While at meet and greet we walked in to the cafeteria, out of no where she sat down on a stool and said, “I don’t have any friends here!” and started crying. It broke my heart. After I took a deep breath I told her she would make many new friends and then told her we would buy her a bow in the spirit wear.

8-7-2013 022

This morning I went in to wake her up and she popped up with the biggest grin. Her eyes were sparkling and she was ready to start the day. She said she was nervous a couple of times but seemed excited at the same time.

8-7-2013 024

While sitting at the bus stop she just watched the other kids but didn’t really want to talk. I decided that I didn’t want her sitting there thinking about the unknown so we talked about all the things we did know…like the color of her bus, what specials she would have, where things were in the school, etc.

8-7-2013 028

I know Reese is having a great day at school and learning so many new things. I just can’t wait to see her get off the bus this afternoon!!

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