Sunday, September 15, 2013

Busy Fall

Our busy fall has officially begun. Sam is finally getting a chance to try out soccer for himself. He was pretty excited leading up to the game.

9-15-13 012

He is playing for the Y just like Reese has done in the past (and will hopefully do again in the spring). This season, however, the Y got sneaky. They called a meet and greet for the teams last Sunday. When we arrived to meet our team, one of the men in charge at the Y came around to each team and said that one of the parents had to volunteer to be the coach.

9-15-13 016

That parent turned out to be me after everyone just kind of starred at the man like he was crazy. Anyways! How hard can it be to coach U4 micro soccer, right!?! I have years of experience watching my sisters play in soccer games. Ha! And I played a few years of recreation soccer. All they need to know is not to touch the ball with their hands…which we are working on…and which goal to kick the ball in…again, working on that.

9-15-13 017

It actually turned out to be so much fun! It was funny and entertaining. The kids seemed to really enjoy it! At each kick off I would ask the kids which goal we were going to. There was always one kid that pointed to the wrong goal. It cracked me up every time.

Sam scored one goal!!!

9-15-13 019

Our biggest challenge for the next six weeks is timing. Sam’s games are at 9:00 each week and Reese’s are at 10:00. Lance and I had originally planned to take turns taking each kid to their games but now that I have to be at Sam’s games it is a little trickier.

9-15-13 032

It will be a fun fall for sure though! Reese and Lance plan on skipping one of her games so that they can watch Sam play at least once. And Sam and I will always be able to make it to Reese’s games by half time.

9-15-13 050

I am excited about all this fun. However, it makes me a little nervous once all three kids are old enough to be in activities. We will have to make sure that we always have friends on the same teams so that we can help each other out with bussing kids around.

9-15-13 051


Carrie Beth said...

You are right about it being tough to juggle the schedule, but you are right about at least there isn't a third activity in the mix...yet! I'm loving it though and think it's so fun to watch them in their sports. And, kudos to you for being the coach!

AA said...

Way to go Renee!!! Good for you for coaching!