Sunday, September 8, 2013


For a couple of years Reese has been asking to be a cheerleader. I had been putting it off because there was no where near us that was not competitive. I didn’t think Reese needed to be in any sort of competitive cheering at this age so we waited. Once we moved we found a church that has Upwards cheerleading. They cheer for a flag football team. It is easy, sweet, and not any competition what so ever.

9-8-13 011

They learn bible verses at practice and pray before games.

9-8-13 013

And Reese loved it!

9-8-13 015

9-8-13 022

9-8-13 035

Tonight when I asked her what her favorite activity is that she has ever done, she answered cheerleading. The only thing I am disappointed about is that there are no little girls on her squad that she goes to school with. I was really hoping that she would meet some new girls through this. If she really enjoys it we might have to switch over to the association team next year just so she can meet other girls from school.

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Carrie Beth said...

I'm glad she is having so much fun with cheering!