Tuesday, October 1, 2013

11 Months and Counting

Hayes! You are eleven months old today! I remember this day last year thinking it was finally baby month but just knowing you were going to wait until November to make your appearance.

10-1-2013 009

This little guy is all BOY! He loves being outside. If we open the door for any reason, he gets so mad if he doesn’t get to go out. If Reese and Sam are playing outside, he watches them through the window and squeals and giggles.

10-1-2013 018

He is still not walking…which I am surprised by. He is so close though. He loves to stand and push things around the house. I find kitchen chairs in the most random places. Right now there is one in the laundry room.

10-1-2013 019


He is mischievous! In the fifteen seconds it took me to wash and dry my hands, he had crawled in to the bathroom and unrolled all of the toilet paper. And I didn’t even know he was doing it.

photo 2

He is brave! He climbs on everything. He has a radar that knows when the gate at the bottom of the stairs isn’t closed. The second he is on the ground he is racing towards the stairs. His favorite place to climb up on is the fireplace. He sits up on the hearth so proud of himself. I don’t even worry about him up there anymore because he is great at getting himself back down. He has even been trying to climb up on the couch lately.

photo 3

10-1-2013 005

He is stubborn! He hates having his diaper changed. He screams and cries and thrashes around the whole time. Lance and I have resorted to tag teaming him after baths just to get him ready for bed. Some days I put him in his bed to get him dressed. He wants out so bad that he will stand and cry. This makes it easier for me to get his clothes on him.

photo 1

He just cut his seventh tooth and is working on number eight.

Today he weighed 21 lbs, 15 oz.

10-1-2013 020

He is a sweet little lovey!

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Carrie Beth said...

I can't believe he is almost one!!! That year flew by. Those pictures of him climbing cracked me up. Such a little monkey. :-)