Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our Lives Lately

Whew! This fall has been busy!! I think after this upcoming weekend we can finally take a breath.

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This past weekend was a crazy one. Thursday night Lance and I had a “date night”. The Chamber of Commerce was having an event at Six Flags. Right after we moved in to our new house, we had some work done in the basement by a friend of Lance’s that had recently started his own company. They invited Lance to the event and I invited myself to come along. It ended up being kind of lame because there was only three rides open. We rode Goliath though.

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Friday night we had friends over to eat pizza and to make s’mores. We really enjoyed our time visiting and the kids had so much fun together. It was so nice sitting outside next to the fire.

Saturday was one for the record books. We were so busy that day. I was up and going early. Reese’s school was having a race that morning. The 5K started at 8:00 so I ran in it. When I left the house at 7:30 it was 31 degrees!! Too cold for running if you ask me. At 9:00, they had a 1K for anyone who wanted to do that. Reese wanted to run in that race so Lance did it with her. We were so proud of how hard Reese ran.

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Because it was so cold, Sam’s 9:00 soccer game was pushed back to 10:00.  Lance and I were hoping to be able to see both kids last games of the season but it didn’t work out that way because both games ended up being at the same time. Never once in my life did I think I would be coaching one of my kids teams but I had a blast this season! It was just so much fun!


From the kids games, we met up at Chick-fil-a to get in one car and head to Adrienne’s house for Emme’s first birthday. We had a nice time visiting with them and celebrating that sweet baby! After the party, we headed home. I was home long enough to shower and get ready to leave again. A friend of ours was celebrating her birthday on Saturday night and one of her friends put together a girls night out. The theme of the night was “The Sky’s the Limit” so we started our night off at the restaurant at our local airport. It was a beautiful night to watch airplanes comes and go as the sun was setting. After dinner we headed downtown to Skyview Atlanta…the new Ferris wheel near Centennial Park. It ended up being really neat. It was only $15 a ticket and you went around five times. The view was pretty nice.

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Lance had the privilege of getting the kids ready that morning and putting them to bed that night. He also had to take Reese to a birthday party. 

Sunday morning we got going slowly. We visited a new church that is much closer than our church. It was a very emotional morning. After church we met my family for lunch to celebrate my mom’s birthday. We also did a little shopping and then headed home to end our weekend.

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