Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had our first Halloween experience in the new neighborhood this year. It was definitely different than years past and I think it can only get better. The kids were excited leading up to actually trick-or-treating but were not themselves once we actually got going.

I am pretty sure Hayes doesn’t feel 100%. But he was the cutest lion around for about ten minutes. Then the costume came off!

10-31-2013 030

Reese was SO excited to wear green make-up as a witch but once it was all on she just didn’t seem as excited any more.

10-31-2013 001

And Sam, who wears his costume every.single.day complained about being hot and wanted to change. After about eight houses he and Lance headed back to the house for him to change in to shorts and his Captain America shirt. He made it a five houses or so and then the boys and I headed back home.

10-31-2013 013

10-31-2013 014

This was the cutest picture we got of all three of them.  It is pretty sweet if you ask me! The big kids thought Hayes was precious.

10-31-2013 021

10-31-2013 029

Our first stop and no one was home. They left a table and a bowl of candy out.

10-31-2013 034

Reese ran in to a couple of friends. One of these little girls rides the bus with her and they have made a sweet little friendship.

10-31-2013 035

So Halloween 2013, in the new neighborhood, was a mild success. We definitely missed our old tradition of getting together with our neighbors from the old neighborhood but it was fun to spend the evening with new neighbors!

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