Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Week Recap

Last Monday started the kids week off from school. We had been planning to go to the zoo since we didn’t get to go the last time because Sam got sick. So Monday was the day! Except Reese got sick Sunday night so the zoo was out for us...why do my kids get sick on zoo days?!? Monday morning Reese woke up feeling fine so I kept an eye on her as the day went by. She was fine so she got to go to our surprise for the night. Lance got sneak peek tickets to Frozen for Monday night in Atlantic Station. I took the kids down there to have dinner with Lance and then the three of them headed to see the movie. They all seemed to really enjoy it and Lance said it was really cute. I have heard so many great reviews and now I can’t wait to see it myself.

Tuesday I started getting some Christmas decorations out since it rained the entire day. Wednesday we went to Hobby Lobby two times for more decorations (three times total for the week)! Lance got home early that day and we went to Costco for some last minute things.

Thursday morning we woke up with Reese telling Lance that they needed to go work out. He finally gave in to her and they went to the basement to work out while Hayes and I slept a little more and Sam watched some TV. Finally I got up and started making my food contributions for Thanksgiving. We were all so excited for the parade to start and we all sat down to watch that together. Even our little busy body Hayes sat and watched it for about ten minutes.

12-2-13 054

He is loving Reese right now! If I can’t do something for him, he will go to Reese for help. One day I was making dinner or something and he wanted to be held. I told him I couldn’t hold him right then and so he walked over to Reese and put his arms up.

12-2-13 055

Finally it was time to get ready to head to my parents house. We all had such a great time. My cousin and his family came over. Their daughter is two and a half and my kids adore her. They all played so well together all day. I really enjoyed my time visiting because my kids didn’t need me to entertain them or referee. You can tell the kids were playing hard because of the mess all over the floor.

12-2-13 058

12-2-13 062

We ended up staying there all day. We were going to leave around 6:00 but realized Hayes would fall asleep as soon as we started the car so we decided to stay until 7:00 so he could do that at bed time instead. And he did. He was asleep before we were out of the neighborhood.

Friday was Lance’s birthday. We spent the day decorating for Christmas. It has become our tradition to do this in our pajamas so our elf showed up a little early this year and gave the kids some Christmas pajamas to wear for the day. They were so excited to see him.

12-2-13 025

12-2-13 001

12-2-13 003

12-2-13 016

That night we headed out to do a little shopping. Reese and I ran in to Gap and Banana Republic quickly. It was easy and not many people were out. For dinner we went to Ted’s at Lance’s request. We had never been there with the kids and it was a great little place to take them.

12-2-13 009

We came home for cake! Publix had an ice cream cookie cake that we just had to try. It was pretty good.

12-2-13 020

12-2-13 023

Happy birthday, Daddy!

12-2-13 024

Nothing like a Daddy birthday dog pile!

12-2-13 021

Saturday was clean up day because we were having friends over for the GA-GT game. It was the perfect time for a game when you have kids. The game was at 3:30 which meant naps happened and it wasn’t yet bedtime. The kids all played so well together the whole time. We cooked out, watched the game, and then made some s’mores.

I asked the kids for a picture and this is what happens…Sam tackles Hayes and then they all start being silly. Hayes thinks it is hilarious for the big kids to copy what he is doing. Every time they copy him he laughs and will do it over and over again. That is what was happening here.

12-2-13 039

Finally! My pretty girl and handsome boys.

12-2-13 030

Typical man…carrying around the remote on game day.

12-2-13 036

We had such a great day! Tech was so close to pulling off the win. Once it was overtime, the Tech men knew the game was over. They took it well though.

Sunday we went to church and then Lance’s parents came over to bring him his birthday gift. He has been wanting a turkey fryer and that is what he got! He was excited. They ate left overs from the cook out with us for lunch and visited for a little while. Sam and I ran to the grocery store to buy some food for a friend who recently had a baby. I came home, made them dinner, and then Reese and I ran the food over. After visiting for about thirty minutes, I promised Reese we would drive by her BFF’s house since they live in the same neighborhood. They were out of town the whole week of Thanksgiving and Reese was having withdrawals. We drove by as they were unpacking their car. They insisted we come in to visit even after I said no because I knew they were busy. Reese and Hallie were sooooo excited to see each other. They ran off to her room and I didn’t see Reese again for thirty minutes. They had so much to catch up on but we had to head home to get back in to school mode.

Now it is Monday and we are back in our routine. It was a little rough waking up today but over all we made it. Only 14 more days of school before Christmas break!! Wahoo! We had a great Thanksgiving break and I am so thankful!

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