Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our Dining Room

For the last six months our dining room has been empty. I wasn’t sure exactly what table I wanted to go in there but I kept my eyes out for anything that I liked. Finally we were out looking one day and saw a table that we liked. We had decided we wanted a round table and then found one that was reclaimed wood and just beautiful. It was pretty big so we went home to measure it out on the floor. It still looked pretty big so we wanted to go look at it again and ask some questions. We finally got back to the store and were told that the man who makes that table can make them smaller too but it would take 5-6 weeks for him to make it. We were ok with that but kept looking around the store. We walked back in to the warehouse part and found the exact table in the size that we wanted. Finally we made the decision to buy it (we are definitely not quick decision makers). We went back and fourth about buying the chairs that were staged with the table and eventually decided against them. That night we went home and found some chairs on Target’s website that we liked! We decided that they would be perfect for our lives right now. With three young kids who are so messy at dinner time, we thought the dark color would be best. And if we didn’t spend a whole lot of money on them, we felt like we may use them more with the kids and we wouldn’t panic every time something was spilled on them. Once they are all older we can update the chairs and the look.

This was our dining room yesterday morning.

12-19-13 419

At 7:30 am, the delivery truck pulls up with our table!

12-19-13 420

I took Sam to school and then decided that I wanted to paint the dining room.

12-19-13 422

I got all of the trim done with Hayes walking around. I was able to leave the paint up on the counter and out of the way. After picking Sam up from school, I put Hayes down for a nap and he slept for THREE hours. I was able to get the whole room done. That just doesn’t happen in my life. Usually if there is something that I want to get done, Hayes will sleep for 45 minutes.

You can really see the character of the table in the picture below.

12-19-13 423

Later in the afternoon the chairs were delivered and Lance and I put them together once the kids were all in bed. We still have two more that need to be put at the table for a total of eight.

12-19-13 424

One day I will buy a rug, a sideboard/hutch/china cabinet /whatever I decided, and a new chandelier. But for now I am happy we made a decision and that we are happy with that decision. Ha!


Carrie Beth said...

I love your new table and the new dining room look! So pretty!

ELC said...

I love it!