Thursday, July 24, 2014

Aunt Becky Got Married!

We are home from Becca’s wedding. It was in Sandestin and we had a lot of fun. We took over 400 pictures so here are some of the highlights. I’ll do a separate post of our beach days…this is just wedding stuff.

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner was at a restaurant on the beach that had a private area outside to host a party. It worked out so perfect because the kids could run around in the sand while the adults chatted and we could still keep an eye on them.

7-24-14 063

Sam was so entertained here.

7-24-14 078

7-24-14 072

Aunt Becky and Reese always take silly photos. Probably 50% of the pictures we have of Reese from this week have a goofy face.

7-24-14 092

We brought our favorite babysitter with us for the week. It was amazing. She was so great with the kids the whole week and up for anything. She stayed back at the hotel with Hayes during the rehearsal dinner. I enjoyed myself so much because I wasn’t chasing him around. I visited and relaxed the whole night. Unfortunately that meant a lot of photos without Hayes.

7-24-14 128

Tommy and Becky with Sam and Reese. See…silly face. They gave them these cute little Build-A-Bears dressed as a bride and groom.

7-24-14 133

Wedding Day

First thing in the morning Reese and I headed to my parents condo to get ready with Becca.

7-24-14 135

It was a fun and relaxing morning.

7-24-14 142

Getting all pretty! She found some really great people to help out in different areas for the day.

7-24-14 152

Reese’s view…

7-24-14 162

Once we were ready it was off to the marina.

7-24-14 175

And then we waited…but not for too long.

7-24-14 194

7-24-14 198

The wedding coordinator was starting to get nervous about starting the wedding because it looked like it might rain. The weather was slightly cloudy and a little windy. It was actually perfect!

7-24-14 208

7-24-14 209

Right as the Captain said to kiss the bride it started sprinkling. But it didn’t rain again after those few seconds.

7-24-14 214

Taylor kept Hayes below deck. We wanted him there to take pictures though. As soon as pictures were done, Taylor took Hayes and Tommy’s niece back to the condo while we went out on the boat for the reception. Again…best decision ever to bring a babysitter.

7-24-14 218

7-24-14 251

7-24-14 253

We all had fun at the reception. The food was great and the company was intimate. We got to visit with some of our closest family and enjoyed it so much.

7-24-14 255

7-24-14 269

I can’t wait to see the photographers pictures.

We are so happy for Aunt Becky and Uncle Tommy!!

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