Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Camp In The City

A couple of weeks ago our church hosted a camp. The counselors travel to different churches each week and host a camp at a church in that city. It was a full day camp, 9-4 each day. We decided that we would send Reese to camp and that we would also host four of the counselors in our home. We had a group of girls stay with us and it was really a blessing. Not only did Reese love camp, she came home and loved getting to spend the evening with the girls. Reese had a really sweet counselor all week who even looked sort of like Reese. I am almost positive Reese misses her and wished she could see her again. On Friday afternoon they had a closing ceremonies where they showed the parents all of the fun things they had learned and their counselor gave them each an award.

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We fed the girls breakfast each morning and then dinner three nights during the week. On Monday night we decided to have a girls night out and Reese and I took them to our favorite burger place. We happened to run in to some of our favorite people there who were also hosting a group of boys. We hadn’t even discussed the possibility of going to dinner at the same place so it was really to fun to see them there. On Wednesday night I made a big pot of spaghetti and we got to enjoy dinner with them on the back porch. Reese wrote up some questions for everyone to answer and it was fun to get to know each other a little better. Thursday night the church hosted a dinner for all of the counselors and host homes. They also had child care set up so that the kids were taken care of. This was a nice night of getting to know the girls with out the kids around and also hearing stories from camp. Friday we were going to have pizza and a movie night with the girls but they got home a little late from cleaning everything up at the church. I put Hayes to bed and then the rest of us went outside to make s’mores. While we were out there all of the girls painted their nails and chatted. It was a fun little night around the fire. Before everyone going to bed that night we prayed with the girls for the rest of their summer. It was special time with them and our kids.

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