Monday, November 3, 2014

Hayes is TWO

I can’t believe my baby is two. It is weird to think that I am out of being the mommy of a baby forever.

11-2-14 067copy

He loves to “cheese”. If I ask him if I can take his picture, he says yes and “cheese”. If I am done, he will ask “more cheese?”.

He was a monkey for Halloween. That evening I was telling a neighbor about his personality and he called him the perfect “Curious George”. That is about right. He loves to explore and play and occasionally get himself in to trouble.

10-13-14 139

During soccer and baseball season, he was permanently stuck in the stroller. He will quickly wander off so I knew I didn’t have a choice. One of our friends dad said he was “in time out for life”. That works for me. Ha!

10-1-14 013

Most days there is absolutely no point in cleaning up around the house. If I am in one room cleaning he is making twice the mess in another room. I might as well just follow him around and clean up his messes.

He loves to snuggle with me and he loves Thomas the Train. That is our perfect snuggle time. When we get home from dropping Sam off at school, Hayes will run to the couch, pat his hand on it and say, ”Mama”, and then point at the TV and say, “choo-choo”. If I don’t sit with him, he will pull me to the couch. Once I am sitting, he moves my arm around his shoulders and leans in or will tuck his arm around my back.

11-2-14 073copy

He loves to rock and have me sing to him. When he knows it is nap time, he points to the rocking chair and says “Bus” because “The Wheels on the Bus” is his favorite song for me to sing.

For his birthday we gave him the Little People bus. When he heard it sing his favorite song he got a big smile on his face. He loves to get Reese from the bus. Most days he is napping though. When we see busses on the road he will yell “Hey Eese” or “more bus”.


It is kind of weird how he knows where we are when driving down the road. There is a railroad bridge that we go under and he has only ever seen the train on there once. But every time we go under the bridge he says, “Bye-bye choo-choo”. He also knows when we go by Reese’s school and where our Publix is. If I say we are going to the store and pass by that Publix, he will yell out “this” as if to tell me I passed it.

He is learning new words often but still not talking as much as the other two did at his age. He sure makes a lot of noise though.

He calls Sam “Bubba” and Reese “Eese”.

Lance is still his favorite person, I think. And he is still a Man’s Man. He loves to hang out with the men and boys around. On Halloween night, he was running around with the big boys and having a blast.

11-2-14 078copy

Pretty often he wakes up with a dry diaper so I will ask him if he wants to go tee-tee on the potty. He thinks that is so funny and I always reward him with an m&m. However, I am not ready to potty train him. Hopefully I am not missing a big opportunity.

We have his well visit in a couple of weeks. However, I know he is at least 35” because he was tall enough to ride Goofy’s Barnstormer at Disney. That is the height requirement and they are strict with that requirement. The man even slid a credit card type card between Hayes’s head and the pole to make sure there was not any space. His head was touching the pole.

People love his hair! The last time we got it cut, the girl cut it way too short. We are going to let it grow out for now and see how it looks a little longer. His hair is going to have to be basically shaved or long. In between is not really an option.

10-1-14 014

He loves Reese and Sam. He loves to do what they are doing and gets so sad in the afternoons when they run over to a friends house to play. He misses them when they are at school and often asks about them.

He and Sam know how to push each others buttons. They can play really well together and argue really well together.

10-13-14 121

He is so fun and really makes me laugh out loud on a daily basis. He loves life and goes full force. I pray that we can foster his traits in to positive and beneficial traits for his life.

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Kiera said...

Too funny...he and Ben are so similar in everything you mentioned!! Ben also got that bus for his birthday and loves that song too!! Happy Happy Birthday to Hayes!!