Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shooting for a Christmas Card

I took the kids out last week to try and get some pictures for our Christmas card. Unfortunately I don’t think I got any that will work for our card. It was an extra cloudy day so the color doesn’t look great. At least not good enough to use for Christmas cards but definitely good enough to share a few on here. I will keep some secret in case I can give them a little boost in the color department.

I love pictures of them holding hands…

11-5-14 001

11-5-14 004

Hayes wanted nothing to do with taking pictures. We did a lot of promising of things to get him to smile…it didn’t work too well.

11-5-14 016

We were next to the train tracks and he kept asking about the train. He was way more interested in the train than in taking pictures.

11-5-14 052

11-5-14 065

I was tired of trying to get Hayes to smile so they just played for a while. They ran down the hill a bunch of times, played on the playground, and then we walked through the train tunnel.

11-5-14 105

Again with the hand holding…

11-5-14 158

11-5-14 172

As we were walking back to the car a train finally came. Hayes wouldn’t climb up on the rail with the big kids but I just love this picture for some reason!

11-5-14 173

We also have a friend who is starting her own photography business so we had her take some pictures of our family. We haven’t seen those but hopefully there was at least one good one to use for a Christmas card.

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