Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sam is FIVE

For months I have been telling Sam that I want him to stay four. I love him at four. But he was having nothing to do with it. He was counting down the days until he was five. Yesterday I told him I had cancelled his birthday and that he would stay four forever. At 6:30 this morning I heard his little feet running across the floor to our room. He climbed in our bed and said, “Mommy, it’s my birthday!” He was so happy that his “birthday wasn’t cancelled after all!”. When Reese came in to our room at 7:00 it was time to open presents! He couldn’t wait any longer.

He didn’t even care that I had wrapped his presents in Thomas the Train Christmas wrapping paper…

11-9-14 001

And he even let Reese open one of his gifts…

11-9-14 002

He loved all of his gifts…he is awesome like that! He will immediately start playing with them all.

11-9-14 005

After church, we had his birthday party. We don’t do many birthday parties in this family. Only on the big birthdays. And FIVE is a big birthday. I have a hard time with them turning five. I think it officially means they are growing up. They are no longer babies or toddlers. He will start kindergarten at this age!!

11-9-14 011

He chose to have his birthday party at Sky Zone. It was crazy there but the kids had a blast!

11-9-14 016

They played and jumped hard for an hour. We didn’t get too many good still pictures while they were playing. Lance took several really funny slo-mo videos though.

11-9-14 024

After jumping it was time for pizza and cake in the party room. Sam was so shy while every one was singing.

11-9-14 031

After cake he quickly opened his presents and it was all over. He had a blast and we had fun celebrating him!

11-9-14 034

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Kiera said...

Happy Birthday to Sam!!