Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fun Weekend!

We have had a fun and busy weekend so far. Friday was a most exciting day for Sam. He has been working so hard to earn a bunk bed. He had actually earned it before Christmas but we decided to wait just a bit more before ordering the bed. And I am so glad we did. I would have ordered a different bunk bed before Christmas and I am so glad I saw the one we ended up with because I love it so much. Sam was almost as excited as Christmas morning on the morning his bed was to be delivered. I am glad we were in their morning delivery because I don’t know that he could have waited much longer. The truck pulled up right around 9:00 and the boys sat in Sam’s room the whole time watching the guys put it together. Thankfully they were both well behaved and the men were so sweet to let them be nearby. We spent a lot of time in Sam’s room that day. He would ask if I wanted to go sit on his bed. During Hayes’s nap we both layed on the bottom bunk. He watched a show on the ipad and I played on my phone. He could not wait for Reese to get home so she could see it. When Reese finally got home she was so sweet and so excited for Sam. They planned a sleepover together for the evening. Shortly after that Reese went over to Hallie’s to play for a little while.

Once the bed was complete Sam could not wait to climb up the ladder.


Hayes was not far behind him.



Friday night Hallie’s family came over and brought Reese home with them. The dads stayed behind with the kids while the mom’s went to a Jamberry party. Hallie spent the night with us that night and they all had a slumber party in Sam’s room. The girls slept together on the bottom bunk while Sam slept on the top bunk. In the middle of the night Reese ended up going back in to her room to sleep in her bed.


The next morning the kids played for a while.


Reese had a basketball game in the afternoon and Hallie decided to stay with us and go to Reese’s game. Last week Reese’s game was a little rough. Because there are not that many girls in this league through Upwards Reese’s age group ranges from second to sixth grade. Last week every single girl was a head taller than Reese (and her teammates) and had obviously played before. This week there were only two girls on the team that were more than a head taller than her but they were not that good. The only reason they were scoring so much is because no one on Reese’s team was tall enough to block them. This picture below is of Reese getting a basket. What is funny about this picture is that you can’t even see Reese and you can tell the girl in white is so much taller than all of the girls on Reese’s team (in blue). You can barely see Reese’s head in the middle of that group and she doesn’t even come up to this girls shoulder.


Here is a video of her scoring…watch quickly…it is only three seconds long. Reese ended up scoring eight points during the game. They lost by only six points this week.

Here is what was happening on the sidelines. Hallie had Sam in her lap. They really play so well together too. I am pretty sure Sam has a little crush on her. Over the summer Reese was at a camp, I had a doctors appointment and Sam was supposed to be at tennis lessons. I asked Hallie’s mom to take Sam to the lesson so he went over to their house to play before hand.  After the lesson, Sam stayed with Hallie to go to the pool and then he wanted to stay and hang out at her house to play some more. They ended up spending almost the whole day together with out Reese being there. It was too funny but they just love each other as much as the girls love each other.


Last night Sam begged Lance to have a sleep over with him in his bunk beds. Lance obliged and spent the whole night in there. I am not sure how well he fit or slept but he made it all night. I thought for sure he would be back in our bed once Sam went to sleep.

This morning we went to church and now Lance and Reese are off working on her science fair project (so glad it is them and not me…I am so not good at that). There is no school or work tomorrow so hopefully we will have one more fun day together!!

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