Friday, January 23, 2015

Grandma Betsy

This has been a busy week! On Tuesday evening Reese’s teacher sent an email out saying that Thursday was the 100th day of school and that the kids could dress up as if they were 100 years old. Because of our busy week I totally ignored and forgot about that email and then got a second email Wednesday night around 5:00 reminding us. Luckily Claire has been staying with us this week and jumped right in to help Reese out.

1-23-14 012

They found an outfit and came up with a plan. That night after the kids were in bed Claire and I ran to Wal-Mart for some fake glasses and gray hair spray. We couldn’t find gray spray but did find some silver glitter.

1-23-14 014

Thursday morning Claire was up early to help Reese get ready. It is amazing the things Reese will do for Claire and not me. She got dressed and then it was time to work on her hair. We put it in a low bun, threw some baby powder in, sprayed a little silver glitter spray in it, and she was officially a grandma.

1-23-14 016

Reese didn’t want to wear a jacket so I gave her a sweater that I have had for at least 15 years. Lance calls it my “Grandma sweater” so it was perfect to keep her warm on the way to school. Reese talked Claire in to taking her out to the bus stop. Claire said that the bus driver laughed and laughed and was calling Reese Betsy.

1-23-14 018

Reese still looked just as cute when she got off the bus and said she had a fun day. Reese and her teacher, who had a sweater with 15 cats around her neck, got to be on the morning announcements and she was so excited about that. I love that Reese is so confident and willing to go out on a limb even when she is not sure anyone else is going to do the same. She asked me one time (after she was totally dressed and hair done) if every one else was going to be dressed up. I told her I had no idea and she said “oh well”.

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