Saturday, January 24, 2015

Family Pictures

Watch out! Two posts in two days. I actually had this post started yesterday and didn’t get a chance to finish it.

I have pictures that I never posted on this blog but wanted them on here for memory sake. These are the pictures I took back in November when shooting for a Christmas card.

These three I loved of each of the kids.

11-5-14 030

11-5-14 033

11-5-14 048

These were close seconds…

11-5-14 076

11-5-14 057

11-5-14 169

And these are a few outtakes…

11-5-14 058

11-5-14 063

These are the pictures we ended up using for our Christmas cards. A friend of ours was doing a mini session for a good price to start up her photography business. It was a super cold day but we powered through to get these pictures in this gorgeous location.





This one didn’t make the Christmas card but thought it was cute too.


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Dr. Tony Denmark said...

GREAT pictures! I just love Hayes' stoic face!