Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer update

Wow! Our summer is flying by! Our June was consumed by swim team. Sam and Reese both swam this summer and it was so fun to watch them. Reese was in a new age group this year and she did great stepping it up. She had to swim fly in one meet and it was awesome to see her do this. Just like Reese's first summer swimming, Sam started the first meet holding on to the lane ropes several times on his trip down the pool. By the next meet, he swam the entire length of the pool with out stopping. We were all so proud of him. I think the kids favorite parts of the meet are the concession stand and hanging out with friends. Reese is so sweet cheering Sam on and congratulating him after a swim.

Sam decided to shave his hair this summer and I think he looks so cute! My only problem is it makes him look so much older.

I don't know if Lance and I went crazy or are now the best parents ever to our kids but we got two kittens. The kids had been talking about getting a cat for a bit. One day Lance and I were helping Becca and Tommy move and Tommy's sister said their cat had just had kittens. We went over to look at them and decided on one that we wanted. A few days later I was talking to a friend of mine who is a vet and she said we really needed to get two! Lance was not sure what to think about that. All he said was "TWO?". Ha! We agreed that she was probably right and went for two. We told the kids we were going to get them a few days before so they had time to get excited. Reese chose to name the black kitten Scarlett and Sam chose the name Chase for the orange cat. The kids were super excited and Hayes loves them! He is always carrying them around, hugging and kissing them, and talking about them. I say he is going to be their biggest enemy and their best friend.

We had a great day celebrating Lance on Father's Day. On our way to church Reese asked if we could go to the Braves game that day. We checked the schedule and realized the game was at 5:00 and that fit in perfectly to our day. After church we went to lunch at our local airport which has sort of become a tradition. We had a great time at lunch and got to see a Blackhawk helicopter land as soon as we sat down, saw a big jet unload and take off again, and tons of small planes take off and land. Hayes especially loved it! After lunch we headed home to have everyone take a quick nap so they were nice and rested for the Braves game. The game was really quick and after the game the kids and fathers were able to run the bases. We didn't realize how long we would wait in line to do this! We told the kids we would not have waited in that long of a line at Disney World! It was almost ridiculous! But they loved every single minute of being on the field with Lance running the bases.

Reese did camp at our church again this summer and loved it even more than last summer! It is a camp that travels around the southeast, going to different churches each week. This summer we hosted three boy staffers at our house and our kids loved it! The kids said they liked having boys at our house more than the girls we had last summer.

Sam played on an in-park Allstar baseball team. Sam's head coach was not able to be at one of the games so Lance stepped in to pitch to the boys. They get three pitches from the coach and then hit off the tee after that. I know Sam loved having Lance out there and I am pretty sure Lance enjoyed getting to pitch for that game. The picture of Hayes and Denver is of how dirty they would get at the games. One day we brought squirt bottles for them to play with and it started out as a good idea. That is until they started throwing dirt at each other and ended up a muddy mess. Sam had fun on this team for the summer and is looking forward to fall ball.

So this is longer than I thought it would be...I will do another update with more fun summer happenings soon.

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