Wednesday, August 5, 2015

About Sam

Sam's teacher gave the parents homework the first week of school. She asked us to tell her "about your child in a million words or less". I wanted to remember what I told her so I am going to put it here for memory sake.

All About our Sweet Sam

·     He is an early riser…like 6:00 AM. It used to be earlier but we had to make a 6:00 AM rule for him. Once he is up…he is up and ready to face the day…or play on an old iPhone. 
·      He is a true middle child. He is sweet as can be but can push his sibling’s buttons faster than any one else.
·      He plays baseball. He likes baseball. He is good at baseball. BUT if given the choice of playing a sport or just staying home with Mommy, he would totally stay home with Mommy! He is a homebody.
·      He is a loving friend and makes friends easily and makes best friends quickly.
·      He is touchy-feely. He loves to hug his friends. He loves to snuggle. We call him our Lovie.
·      He is sensitive.
·      We call him Grandpa Sam at home. Because he is an early riser, he is always ready for bed at an early hour….and for some funny reason he loves to wear black socks.
·      He loves to dress nicely in a shirt, tie, slacks and sports coat. He will dress up around the house this way and pretend to be a spy while wearing a pair of his Daddy’s old glasses.
·      He would choose Chick-fil-a or pizza to eat any day. He can be a pretty picky eater.
·      He can be really shy at first but will eventually come out of his bubble.
·      When he says he has to go to the bathroom, he means right.that.very.minute.
·      We have two kittens that he adores. He feeds them every morning with out being asked. He carries them around like they are babies. I know he will be a great dad one day!
·      He may or may not be the messiest kid on the planet.  We always know what chair was his at the table and we always know what we had to eat based on his shirt.
·      His favorite color is red. It always has been!

·      He is a Georgia Tech fan!

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