Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hayes's First Day of School

Hayes had his first day of two year old preschool on Thursday.  Tuesday morning was meet and greet. We some how ended up being the only people in there meeting his teacher at the time that we came so she got to really see Hayes. He played with the cars, trucks, and fire truck while I talked to his teacher. She seems really sweet and has been teaching preschool for almost thirty years but is new to this school. When I asked Hayes if he would take a picture with her, he said no! So he took my picture with her instead. Ha! When I told him it was time to leave he was not happy with me and yelled no. All of that to say, he just went ahead and showed her exactly who he is. There should not be any questions about him now.

Thursday morning he was so excited. I really didn't know what to expect from him but I think having seen Sam and Reese do this he was happy to get to do it himself. However, he did think he was going to get to ride the bus. We took pictures on the front porch and Lance had decided to work at home the first couple of hours that morning so he was there to take pictures too.

We got to the school and I realized we forgot his name tag hanging on his hook at home. Lance ran it up to us quickly so we had some time in car line to hang out a bit.

I really didn't know how he would do getting out of the car and walking in to the school but he just did it. It was like he had done this for years...or was keeping a watchful eye on his brother all last year.

He had a great day and told me about several things he did. He sang some songs for us that he learned and said he found his BFF, Hadley, on the playground. He was so happy to see her and get to play with her. He told me, "Me want Hadley in my class." He doesn't understand why they are not in the same class but he is excited to get to see her during the day. I am so proud of him and I don't think there is going to be any problem with him wanting to go back on Tuesday.

I compared pictures of all three kids from their first days of preschool.

Reese was barely two...I think she had only been two for a month. Sam and Hayes are both closer to three. I had no idea that Sam had worn the same shirt as Hayes on the first day of school.  Too funny! Hayes probably would have worn the same shorts but had just worn them to meet and greet on Tuesday. I can't believe how fast time flies and that both of the big kids are in elementary school now.

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