Monday, August 3, 2015

Back to School ~ 2015

Reese and Sam started school today! Ahh! I can't believe our summer is over...just like that!

Just like when Reese started Kindergarten, Sam was in our room at 5:10 this morning. Last night they both were having a hard time falling asleep because they were so excited. Reese slept until her alarm went off but she popped right out of bed.

Third grade looks good on this girl. I think she is going to have a great year! The friends that ended up in her class I am so happy with and you know you have a good teacher when there are other teachers kids in your class.

And this guy! He is super pumped about Kindergarten. I think it helps him to have an older sister already at the school. I think with his personality this morning would have gone a bit different if Reese hadn't already gone through all of this. I am very happy with his teacher too. I think she is going to be strict and expects a lot from them but I have heard so many success stories from her classroom. He is bummed that none of his preschool friends are in his class but I know he will make some great friends this year.

We took our normal array of pictures before heading out to take them to school. Sam wanted us to walk him in on the first day. I think he was truly torn though because he is most excited about riding the bus.

We finally got to the school and Sam was not scared one bit. He just walked right in like he had been doing it forever.

He didn't even look back once he walked through that door. We passed a mom from his baseball team last season after she had dropped her little guy off. She had big tears in her eyes so I just grabbed her and gave her a big hug...I barely even know the lady but I knew we both needed that hug. ;-) Next we dropped Reese off but I didn't get her picture at her classroom. I know they are having a great day! I can't wait to hear all about it this afternoon. I am so excited about what this year has to hold for each of our kids. We all prayed over the school year this summer and I truly think the kids will have a great school year because of it.

Hayes and I have been wandering around the house not sure what to do with ourselves. I guess we will get back in to a routine now and I am happy about that.

This morning we even had each of the kids take our picture together....




Happy School YEAR!!!

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Lissa Whittaker said...

They look so cute - and so big! I am going to have to steal your picture idea for Peanut in a few years...I hope they both had a great first day!