Friday, October 2, 2015

Disney 2015 ~ Hollywood Studios

When we planned our trip we left two days available to go to Hollywood Studios but knew we probably would not need those full two days. When we first got there we decided to go straight to Rockin' Roller Coaster so that Reese could earn her big money. It took some convincing over the last year to get her excited about this ride. She wasn't sure about going upside down. This was going to be her biggest money earner and I had promised her a t-shirt out of it too. I have no shame! The whole time we were riding it I was trying to see it through her eyes. When we got off, I looked at her and she said she loved it and wanted to do it again. We didn't do it again right away because we needed to get Tower of Terror over with. Neither kid wanted to ride this but I just knew they needed to again. This picture below is so funny. Sam from the beginning was not happy about riding it. He cried the whole time we were in line. Reese, surprisingly, was keeping it together. Her face quickly turned to look like Sam's once we were seated on the ride and I didn't know until the ride was over that she had tears too.  It made me feel a little bad but I just want them to do every ride at least once. I don't want them to regret not having done something just because they don't know what it will be like. I didn't make them ride it again. I begged them to and they both said no. While we were doing ToT, Lance took Hayes to meet Jake. I saw this picture when we got off the ride and I was so surprised. Hayes even gave him a hug all by himself!

The rest of the day was spent seeing shows and trying to stay cool. It was so very hot and humid.

Reese wanted to go ride Rockin' Roller Coaster again later in the day so we took her over there and the ride was closed due to technical difficulties. Hayes wanted his picture taken in front of the big guitar but there was a couple sitting there taking a selfie. I offered to take their picture and they took our families. We really did not take many family pictures at all this trip.

We didn't have any dinner plans and decided we wanted to head to Epcot for dinner because we hadn't made it in to the World Showcase when we were there Monday. When we arrived we realized they were doing a sneak peek at the Food and Wine Festival for that weekend and it was packed. Not only was it packed but then it started pouring down rain. We were all kind of bummed and didn't even make it to get food. We went back to our room and had poptarts and protein bars for dinner at 8:00.

Friday was much of the same except we had dining reservations at Hollywood and Vine for breakfast so we got there early.

Since Sam wasn't too in to the characters and we were done eating breakfast, Lance left with him and went to ride Star Tours (their favorite ride). We met up with them and walked through a part of the park that is going to be gone the next time we go. They are changing some things to add a new Toy Story land and a few other things. The kids played in the "Honey, I shrunk the kids" playground. It was super cute.

About half was through the day, we had done everything we wanted to so we went back to the Poly and played in the pool for a couple of hours. We made a last minute decision to go back in to Magic Kingdom one more time before we left. Lance wanted to buy a coffee mug and we hadn't been able to find one that he liked. Finally we did when we went in to the Starbucks. As we were walking around (we had no clear direction) we saw the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was open (it had been closed earlier in the week). Hayes had fallen asleep in Lance's arms so I took the big kids on the ride while Lance sat with Hayes. And then, you guessed it, we went to ride Thunder Mountain one final time. We just can't get enough!

That night we had dinner reservations at O'hana at the Poly. It was also family style and it was so much food! I felt like I didn't even get to enjoy it all because there was so much. It was a great way to end our week though. Every one slept great that night and we headed home on Saturday morning. 

The things I loved most about this trip is that we tried a lot of new things we hadn't done before and all the rides I got to ride with the kids. When planning this trip I really tried to try all new restaurants. If we were doing a restaurant we had done before (which was only three) it had to be a different meal because each meal is so different. As much fun as we have going to Disney, I think we are going to take a break for several years. Probably the next time we go, Hayes will be tall enough to ride everything and that will be so fun! I hate having to leave him behind when we go off to do something. It is so fun when every one can do it at the same time. 

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Lissa Whittaker said...

This trip looks like so much fun! I am going to start talking to Jas about joining yall in two or three years!