Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. But first we had a fun first for our kids. We decided to go to Six Flags for a little while that morning. We were there a little bit before the park actually opened so we were able to get over to the Mindbender first thing. Sam had never done a ride that went upside down so he was super nervous. Reese was nervous too which was funny but once we finally rode the ride they both loved it.

They loved it so much and there was no one else in line so we rode it a second time. After the second time, Lance and I knew we couldn't do it again but Reese wanted to do it a third time. We were there with some of our best friends so Reese rode with Maddy. Luckily, Clint and Dylan were on the ride at the same time because as they went up the hill, the ride stopped. We thought for sure Reese was going to be done for the day after that but she took it all in stride.

We had a lot of fun and ended up staying until around 2:00 (I think). The kids rode the Mine Train, the Scream Machine, and several other fun rides. We were surprised at how little crowd there was there.

Hayes didn't get to ride too many things but he LOVED getting to drive the car.

There is the cutest toddler area where Hayes and Denver got to ride rides of their own. They had a blast driving the trucks and flying in the airplane.

After all of this fun, we headed home to get ready for the evening. The kids were super excited about Halloween so it was easy to get everyone ready. Reese was a black cat, Sam was Willy Wonka (the Johnny Depp version), and Hayes was Chase from Paw Patrol. That evening our neighborhood had a cookout at our pavilion and then a neighbor pulled a trailer of hay around the neighborhood as the kids trick-or-treated. Once everyone was happy with their candy stash, we headed back up to the pavilion to watch Hotel Transylvania.

It was a fun night!

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