Thursday, October 1, 2015

Disney 2015 ~ Magic Kingdom

Once again this year we did our normal two days in Magic Kingdom. There is just so much to do that we feel like we have to do two days.

Tuesday we woke up early, had breakfast at Kona in the Polynesian, and then headed to Magic Kingdom. Our first fast pass wasn't until mid-morning so our plan was to go straight to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and ride it early before the line got too long. What we didn't realize was that the passage way through the castle was closed for construction so we had to go around the castle to get there. Well, we chose the wrong way around and by the time we got to the ride the line was ridiculously long. So, Reese and I thought we would check out the line to see Anna and Elsa...crazy long too. So we did a few other rides while we waited for our fast passes. I am not really sure what Hayes thinks about all of the rides. He gets the funniest face when things go high and/or fast. We are going to have to keep working on him.

Finally our fast pass time arrived for Big Thunder Mountain. Sam has been waiting for a long time to get to ride this ride. Last year he pitched the biggest fit and would not do it. He was a little nervous but excited more! When he and I got off the ride, he said he wanted to do it again so I sent him with Lance and Reese to ride it immediately again (you can sit three to a seat). He loved it and probably rode it eight more times before we left.

Next up was Splash Mountain. Reese was not super excited about doing this again and Sam wasn't sure what to think. After getting soaked at Animal Kingdom, I decided to sit this one out since it was only 11:00 in the morning. Lance took them to ride and they had fun. I let Hayes play on the playground under the train bridge while we waited.

We had lunch in Beast's Castle. It was definitely a different experience from having dinner there. You place your order at a kiosk and then they find you through your magic bands at your table after you have already sat down. Again, I thought the food was okay.

After lunch we walked over to the Jungle Cruise. We had never done this before and figured it would be something Hayes would like. Well, when we got there to get Hayes out of the stroller he was sound asleep. I thought for sure he would wake up as we took him out but he didn't. He slept through the whole cruise, I put him back in the stroller and he slept for another hour or so. He was so tired after having missed three days worth of naps.

He finally woke up when we made it over to the Laugh Factory. After that show we did the Buzz Lightyear ride and then they took their picture with Buzz. Lance paid Sam $5 to take his picture because he was refusing. I guess the picture of all three of the kids with Buzz is on Reese's iPad or Lance's phone. I know we got Hayes in the picture too.

Later in the afternoon we drove the Tomorrowland Speedway cars and then made our way back over to Thunder Mountain. While Lance took the big kids on the ride, I took Hayes over to Tom Sawyer's Island. That was another thing we had never done. Hayes loved playing over there. After Lance and the kids rode the ride, they met us over on the island and then I took the kids back to ride it again while Lance played with Hayes on the island. 

That night we had dinner reservations at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian. It was gorgeous in that resort. It is definitely on my list of places I want to stay. We had a buffet dinner and met the characters from Cinderella. Once again, the character pictures are on Reese's iPad. I will have to do a separate post with all of her pictures. Reese wanted me to take a picture with the stepmother. My favorite character was Drizella...as always. Disney always casts the perfect people for the step sisters. They always play it up right. This was the first time we met the stepmother and she was perfect too.

Wednesday, we ate breakfast in the room and then headed over to Magic Kingdom again. I took very little pictures this day. This time we knew we wanted to see Mickey and we went straight there. We were getting our picture with him with in ten minutes of being in the park. Hayes loved Mickey and gave him a big hug. Sam was hiding behind the photographer. From there we went back to the Goofy Barnstormer because it is a ride Hayes is tall enough to ride. I giggle every time I watch the video of him on that ride. We also got to see a double rainbow over the park. We just happened to walk up on it above the castle and it was so pretty. 

The park was open later that night and we had reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table for dinner. We had done breakfast before but never dinner. The dinner was very good and the princess were ok. We only got to see three of them at dinner (not including Cinderella who you see walking in) and I feel like they weren't that great. BUT, Reese loved it and that is why we were there. A funny story while we were there...there was a couple at the table next to us. The whole dinner I kept hearing this guy laugh and it just sounded funny. I didn't really understand why I thought this but it was in the back of my mind. Right before dessert comes, the waitress brings out a special plate and a photographer is following her, the guy drops to his knee to propose to his girlfriend. As he is down on his knee Hayes is swinging his sword above his head and drops it behind his back, right at this guys feet. I almost die. A while later the girl got up to go to the bathroom so I leaned over to the guy to tell him congrats and sorry about the sword. He just laughed and said he didn't notice at all. And then I figured out why his laugh was so funny...it was a nervous laughter all during dinner because after the proposal his laugh wasn't nearly as bad.

We had originally planned to be in the park that night because there was a nighttime parade we had never seen and we wanted to see it. As we were walking out to a part of the park where we knew the parade hadn't passed yet, we decided to head over to Thunder mountain one more time. I know, we are crazy. We walked up and it was only a ten minute wait which really meant your only wait was how long it took to walk through the queue to get to the ride.  So Reese, Sam and I headed in while Lance watched the parade with Hayes. When we got off we notice Splash Mountain is the same wait so since I hadn't ridden with them the day before we ran over and got in line there too. Lance just happened to be standing on the bridge when we got to the bottom so we yelled his name and waved to him. He was surprised to see us but he and Hayes were having a sword fight and didn't seem to mind. He took the kids over to ride Thunder Mountain again right as it was about to close. They were in heaven and we learned a fun lesson. Next time fireworks are about to start, run to your favorite ride and jump right on!

Unfortunately by doing this, we got stuck in the crowd of people leaving. It took us almost 1.5 hrs to get back to our room. The Poly does not have a walkway from the Magic Kingdom the way the Contemporary does. That was a def win for the Contemporary that night.

Next up...Hollywood Studios...

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