Monday, November 30, 2015

November Recap

Here is a quick recap of the rest of November. 

If it wasn't raining, the weather was beautiful for many days! We spent several days doing homework outside.

The football team Reese cheered for kept making it further and further in the playoffs. They eventually made it to the championship where they lost. On the way to one chilly game we stopped by Starbucks and Reese wanted a hot chocolate. She looked so grown next to Lance drinking her Starbucks.

We visited my cousin and his two girls. We couldn't wait to see them because it had been a while. They are too cute and we all had a great time visiting them and making a huge mess in the playroom.

We hiked at Kennesaw Mountain.

We have slowly removed all baby things from our house. We took the gate down from the stairs for the first time in almost 8 years. That was a little sad but a huge relief to move that out of the way.

Lance went to Reese's school to see her do a presentation for her Target class. They spent a while on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They had to write a new chapter with a new character and new candy. At the end they did a presentation for parents. They had to dress as their character (I am so glad she created a character that was easy to dress up as...some of the kids had tricky costumes).

After a couple of nights of sleepovers and playdates, the second day of Thanksgiving break I got the kids all dressed up and headed to have dinner with Lance after work. We knew Santa was there so we wanted to get Santa pictures out of the way. We had dinner at Rosa Mexicana and then headed out to see Santa. Well, it turned out that Santa had the night off and was not there. We had some unhappy kids!

Since we didn't get to see Santa we headed up to Daddy's office to get his stuff and we played around on the IT departments hover boards. Reese picked it up really quickly. They are fun but definitely hard to figure out.

This year was Thanksgiving at my parents house so we got there in time for lunch. We had a fun day visiting and relaxing.

Hayes was so tired he fell asleep right on the floor.

The next night Reese and I had a girls night. One of her friends was performing in the Nutcracker so we went to see the show. But first we had dinner. It is so much fun to me to get to spend one on one time with her. We have such great conversations and it is different than when the boys are around.

That Saturday Lance had tickets to the UGA v GT football game. We had a quick errand at Home Depot and realized they had a kids workshop going on so we checked it out.

And then on Sunday we celebrated Daddy's birthday!

Another thing that happened in November was that Reese ran for Student Council. They start this in third grade and each class has two class representatives (a boy and a girl). The class first narrows it down to three each and then those six have to created a poster and a speech. On the afternoon that Reese came home and said she was one of the top three, she went straight to her room and came up with this idea all on her own. Her slogan was going to be "Vote for Reese and You'll Have Peace" and then she wrote out different words for each of the letters in peace that described her. Their school mascot is a Pioneer and so they are always talking about Pioneer Pride, thus pride as the first word. The only word I helped her change was the A. She originally had athletic which is accurate but we decided that it didn't really help describe her ability to be on student council. On the day they had to give their speech on of the girls got too nervous and decided she didn't want to do it so it was down to Reese and one of her best buddies. In the end, Reese won the election and was super excited.

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