Monday, November 9, 2015

Sam is SIX

I blinked and it was already Sam's birthday. November is full of birthday's around here. We knew it would be hard to celebrate Sam's birthday a whole lot since it fell on a Monday. We decided to have fun Saturday night instead. After much discussion, we decided it would be fun to go see the new Peanuts movie and then dinner at Moe's afterwards. What we didn't realize was that it was opening weekend of the movie and after weeks of rain everyone in town wanted to see the movie as well. We thought we were getting there with plenty of time but ended up sitting in the second row!! I have never seen a movie that close before. Sam's best buddy and his family joined us and it was hilarious to see six kids sitting between the adults. The kids all enjoyed the movie. After the movie (and popcorn) we headed to Moe's to eat. And then I quickly remembered why we don't take six kids to a restaurant ever. Luckily we ate quickly and then headed over to Menchie's for dessert. Sam had a blast and that was all that mattered!

Today, Lance left a little later than normal so that he could let Sam open his presents before school. All Sam has asked for was legos...even after asking if there were other things he wanted he only wanted legos. So he got legos...and could not have been happier. He got three different Star Wars sets and then just a basic box of legos. He hated that he had to leave to go to school soon after that.

I met him at school during lunch and brought doughnuts for his class to share. After lunch his teacher asked me to walk back to their classroom with them so I could see them celebrate him. They are so cute! They circled up around the birthday boy and sang Happy Birthday to him in several different ways. Hayes loved every single minute of it and did not want to leave. We ended up staying so long that we just stayed and had lunch with Reese too.

That afternoon Sam did his homework faster than ever so that he could play with his legos. He played with them until it was time to take Reese to tumble and then came home and played some more until dinner. He wanted to have pizza for dinner so that is what we did while watching a show on the TV. We had a few left over doughnuts so we put some candles in those and sang happy birthday once again.

At six:
*Sam is definitely coming in to his role as the middle child. For so long I didn't really think of him as a middle child. I always thought of him as a little brother and a big brother but man has he figured out the middle child thing.
*He is super pesky to Reese and can fight with her like nobody else. I have learned that if I don't get in the middle of it and just let them fight it out they will turn around and start playing like nothing has happened. When they play together they do it really well.
*He learns the bossy stuff from Reese and then tries it on Hayes but Hayes doesn't take it. They both play really well together once I give Sam some strategies to make it work. For instance, Hayes was dying to play with Sam's legos but Sam did not want to share his new ones. We pulled out some old legos and it made both boys happy.
*He is still small (but I don't have stats). His pants are a 6 slim because the regular swallow him whole.
*He is a picky eater. Some nights I try to win at the dinner table and some nights I just let him make his own dinner. He would eat pizza and CFA all day, every day.
*He is doing so amazingly well in school. He has picked up reading very quickly and I have been so impressed with him. His teacher had a lot of really great things to say about him during conference week.
*He is still pretty shy in new situations but once he is comfortable he is a wild man.
*I think he is super cute and so snuggly.
*We have finally gotten him to stay in his room all night most nights.
*He is still an early riser and most mornings easy to get up for school.
*He is a really sweet friend and cares a lot about his friends.
*He is a homebody and would prefer to be at home over any where else.

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The Randolph Family said...

I just saw this post Renee, happy belated birthday Sam!!