Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

Yesterday Reese had her Thanksgiving Feast at school.  The parents were invited to come and celebrate with them.  A few weeks ago her teacher sent home a t-shirt that had strips cut around the sleeves and the bottom so that beads could be added to it.  I let Reese help me pick out the beads to put on her shirt.  Actually putting them on was too hard for her.  Then at school they stamped it.  Yesterday they got to wear them for the feast.  The first thing they did when we arrived was sing a song for us.  We have been hearing this song around the house for a couple of weeks.  It was super cute to see them all sing it together.

Reese singing it alone at home last week.

Ready to sing

11-19-10 012

My little “Princess Reese”

11-19-10 015

Sam loves watching the big kids.

11-19-10 017

Feast time

11-19-10 021

Craft time

11-19-10 023

Sam wanted to help with the crafts.

11-19-10 024

Such a fun time!!

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Amy said...

Just when I think Reese can't get any cuter!!!