Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Break

We were excited to start our spring break off on Saturday morning. Reese and I went to meet Celeste for breakfast at Chick-fil-a and then we all went to get a pedicure. Lance took the boys to Waffle House and then Home Depot...man stuff!

That afternoon we met Lance's sister and nephew at the Georgia Tech baseball game. We got there a little early and walked up to the bookstore. Hayes really wanted a GT hat.

Walking to the bookstore. Earlier that week at school Sam was acting embarrassed about being near me and Hayes so when we were walking to the bookstore, I was trying to take a selfie to prove that he did indeed still love me by holding my hand.

But then he caught me taking the picture and quickly let go of my hand!

Being silly in the bookstore

Hayes got the hat he wanted.

Poor Sam was having allergy issues while we were at the game. His eyes were so itchy. He ended up trading sunglasses with Reese to try to keep the pollen out of his eyes some. It didn't help much.

The kids with Brody

Family picture

Finally he let me take a picture of us holding hands!

When we got home that night we went for a walk and this is how we ended up on the way back to the house.

Monday we went to the GA Aquarium...along with every one else in Atlanta. We realized that we had never taken Hayes and that he needed to go. He wasn't that impressed!

Waiting on the dolphin show

Then we headed to The Varsity for lunch

Tuesday we went to Six Flags. When we looked at the weather for the week it was the only day that looked really good to be outside. Again, everyone else around town did the same thing as us but it wasn't too bad. We did everything we wanted to do and then headed home right around lunch time. Reese even conned me in to riding Acrophobia which I swore off when I was in college. To be honest, it wasn't as bad as I remember it but I still don't think it is something I plan on riding again any time soon.

Wednesday the weather was terrible and it ended up just being a lazy day around the house.

Thursday Lance went back to work and that night I took Reese to see Beauty and the Beast with Kristin and Maddy.

Friday was another lazy day around the house. The kids really don't get those too often so I was happy to be lazy with them. Six and half more weeks of school and then it is summer time!

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