Thursday, June 15, 2017

Braves Game Weekend

The Saturday night that CITC was over we headed to the Braves game. It was our first game at the new park and it was gorgeous!! We caravanned with some friends down to the stadium and then just happened to run in to some other friends as we parked so we all walked in together.

As we were waiting to get in we saw Bryan Jordan getting ready to start taping.

We walked up to our seats in general admission and decided if we wanted a breeze we needed to be in the top row. I don't think I watched one single play but the breeze on our backs was awfully nice! We just socialized, waited in line for food, ate our food, and then left early.

Our kids were determined to get on the jumbotron that night. One of the dads said, "The cameras can't reach up this high." With in minutes of that, the kids were on the screen cheering and dancing. They ended up being on the screen three times that night and all could not believe their luck. That was definitely their favorite part of the night.

I think the kids would have more fun at the game if we sat a little closer next time! We loved getting to experience the new stadium though.

Sunday we had an adult only adventure to the Braves game. Lance had been given some really nice tickets to the game that included valet parking right at the entrance and access to a private area for food, drinks, and most importantly air conditioning. We have spent so much time over the years with our best friends but we have not actually squeezed in a double date so we made this a double date with them. We got there early and explored a little bit before heading in to eat lunch.

During one bathroom break, we ran in to Bryan Jordan!! I stopped him to say hello but wasn't brave enough to ask for a picture with him. I used to watch his kids at the gym I worked at in high school (when he was actually a player for the Braves) and was super excited to see him in person again. He walked around the dining area the whole game. Every time we went in to cool off, he was in there.

We were so spoiled that day and totally enjoyed our time at the game with our sweet friends.

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