Monday, June 5, 2017

Woodlands Camp

Reese went to her first sleep away camp this summer. The plan was to go with a friend of hers but the night before they were supposed to leave her friend had a scooter accident and broke her hand and had some major road rash. Unfortunately, she was unable to go to camp. I was so worried about how Reese would respond once I told her the sad news. That night before bed time I was braiding Reese's hair and she looked at the me in the mirror and said, "I am going to be ok with out Gracie!" I almost cried right there hearing how brave she was being. We left on Memorial Day to take her to camp. But first a few pictures!

When we arrived there was a long line of cars so we jumped out of the car to take a picture at the entrance.

We got her all registered, took a few more pictures and then left our girl behind.

Reese was doing the Xtreme camp which meant they would be sleeping in hammocks outside all week. She was so excited about this.

I stalked Woodlands Instagram and Facebook pages like it was my job all week. It was so hard to find pictures of the Xtreme campers. There were very few posted on social media but every time we got a glimpse of her it made our hearts sore!

Some of the fun things the Xtreme campers got to do were horse back riding, rock climbing, and zip lining at midnight.

The boys and I spent the night at my parents house on Thursday night because they live about an hour closer to camp than we do. I had to be there early Friday morning to get her and decided to leave the boys with my mom so I could chat with Reese all by myself. It was so fun to hear all about her week! The funniest thing to hear about was the learning curve involved in using the bathroom outdoors! It was something I didn't even think about before she left...and I don't think she did either.

We went back to my parents house to get the boys and visit with my mom, Becca and Elle before heading back home. Reese was exhausted and fell asleep on the way home. She is definitely not a napper so I knew she was tired when she did this!

She is so excited to get to do this again next summer. I asked her if she would do Xtreme again or want to do the normal camp (in cabins) and she said, "Once Xtreme, Always Xtreme!"

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