Saturday, July 1, 2017

The rest of June

The rest of June was spent much the same...swim team and baseball with a few other things thrown in the mix.

Back in May we realized, based on our water bill, that there was a leak some where. It took a while to find it but it ended up being in our front yard. These guys worked hard getting down to the pipe that was leaking which was seven feet down! Unfortunately as they were putting the yard back together it started pouring down rain. They left did the best they could but left our yard a mess.

Lance was not happy to come home and see this. He spent a lot of time over the next few weekends getting it back to its pretty self. You can't even tell now that it had looked like this.

It was Father's Day weekend that he was working hard in the yard. Being the thrifty wife that I am, I bought him a knock-off Egg. It works just the same and came with more accessories all for a much cheaper price tag. I need to learn how to use it so we can cook on it more.

The middle boys made their daddies these crowns for Father's Day at church and the Dad's were good sports to wear them.

Lots and lots of swim team.

We went bowling with one of Sam's friends and his family. Reese was so sweet with his little sisters.

Homemade pizza that we cooked on the new grill.

It was a rainy afternoon so Reese set up her hammock on the catwalk.

We met my grandparents and sister at my parents house one afternoon to visit. I got to snuggle sweet Elle.

Hayes was so excited about his new batting gloves!

His team made it to the championship for All-stars but lost their final game. He caught two pop flies during the championship game!

 So excited to have his big cousin there to watch him!

So we may be totally late to the game but my family and I found an app where we can all FaceTime together. It was pretty fun!

More swimming...

We have had a lot of work done on our house this summer. During the process of getting the leak fixed, we had a tree cut down in our front yard because we were afraid that is what was causing the leak. Then we had our roof replaced and our whole exterior repainted.

During the roof replacement day, we hung out with friends and tie dyed shirts.

Lance built and I stained the new shutters for our house.

Lance worked late one night so I took the kids out and we found a new trail to walk.

Date night! Dinner and then the concert on our town's square with some friends.

Whew! June was busy!

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