Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Atlanta United

We went to our first Atlanta United game on Sunday! We tried to get tickets to the first game but that didn't work out. When we looked at the schedule this game worked out perfect for us. We were all SO excited! We have been watching the games on TV and Reese has picked out her favorite players. Of course, we had to get some apparel for the game! Old Navy for the win!

Since the games are being played at Bobby Dodd stadium for now, we decided it would be best to take the shuttle from Atlantic Station. 

The shuttle drops you off right at the tunnel that takes you under the highway and then you are on Georgia Tech's campus.

We had tickets in the upper deck and they were a great view of the game. For the first twenty minutes or so, there was no one sitting in front of us so we had a great view of the field. Thankfully that is when all the action happened in this game. Three goals were scored during that time. Right after the third goal a group of young adults came and since soccer fans think they need to stand during the whole game, they blocked our view a bit.


Reese LOVED being there!

The boys were pretty indifferent! Hayes fell asleep right at the end of half time so I sat with him for most of the rest of the game.

We left at the 75 minute mark mainly to beat the crowd getting out of there.

After the game we went to Flip Burger for dinner.

And then headed home...watching this beautiful sunset on the way. Pictures can never do justice to a sunset but this one was pretty amazing. The clouds even made it look like mountains off in the distance.

We loved our day at the game and can't wait to see another one again soon!

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