Monday, July 2, 2007

Hormonal and Dangerous

Last Friday was my last day at the gym. I cancelled my membership because I knew there was no way I could get there in the mornings or afternoons due to having to get to day care. There is an LA Fitness near our house but it is gross. Anyways, I have yoga for the last time tonight so I packed up some clothes to bring with me. Adrienne bought a shirt for me a while back that says "Hormonal and Dangerous" which I packed for yoga. Who would have thought it would be so perfect for today? These last few weeks are definitely emotionally draining. I guess since this pregnancy has been so easy something had to give...so it is my emotions.

When most people are stressed out they have several ways to release that stress. When you are pregnant...those ways are not allowed. I can't go for a run...and believe me the second the doctor says it is ok I will be out there running. I can't go for a drink...a margarita would be nice. What is a poor pregnant lady to do?? I guess I have to live with these crazy emotions a little longer!

Only two more weeks of pregnant emotions...and then different types of emotions will kick in I am sure.

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