Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Less than a week

We have less than a week until the due date of the baby. I can't believe we are within that time frame. It is extremely scary, nerve-wracking, and exciting. I can't believe we are almost done with the pregnancy and moving on to the next phase. I had my 39 week doctors appointment today. There is still no signs that labor is soon though. However, she has dropped a tiny bit. I could tell she had yesterday and the doctor mentioned it today. I asked Lance if he could tell if she had dropped and he couldn't tell. Just to the left of my tailbone started hurting on Saturday so I think that is another sign that she has dropped. She is sitting on something that is causing pain. It gets worse as the days go by but I can tough it out for a few more days.

Last night Lance took pictures of my belly so we would remember what it looked like right before the baby was born. It looks really weird...like I am hiding a basketball under my skin. I am happy with the way it looks though and I hope to get it back to normal soon.

Needless to say I think we are both ready for the baby to get here. My doctor is on call Friday so maybe she will decide to make an appearance that day...we will see. Or maybe not...I just realized that is Friday the 13th...hmmm...maybe we can wait another day.

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