Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Second Day

Today is the start of my second day at home alone with Reese. She really is a good and easy baby so far so I have had no trouble. We definitely miss having Daddy around but we are managing. Right now she is enjoying some time in her swing. She has been in there for about 30 minutes and is starting to get fussy. She seemed to enjoy it for a little while. I think she is just getting sleepy. At least I was able to eat some breakfast and deal with a couple of other things this morning. Yesterday she slept in her crib for about an hour so I was able to shower and take care of some house chores. Hopefully I can shower and brush my teeth today. Each day I make a goal of one thing to get done. Yesterdays goal was to cut my finger nails...check. Today my goal is to get at least one room dusted. We will see how it goes...

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