Monday, November 19, 2007

Jacksonville Visit

We went to Jacksonville for a quick visit. We left here Saturday morning shortly after 4:00 am so that Reese would sleep most of the way. She slept until 7:30, was awake until 9:00 or so, and then was back to sleep for another couple of hours. We arrive in Jacksonville around 11:00 and were very proud of the way our sweet baby behaved on the way down. We visited with Lance's grandmother all day Saturday and then went to dinner with his cousin, Claire, that evening. Reese was very good despite not being at home or on her routine the whole day. She was able to take a few naps here and there but was pooped by bedtime. Saturday, Lance went to the Jaguars game with his uncle and they had a blast!! Claire, Reese, and I were able to spend some wonderful time together shopping. Claire is seriously one of the most sweet and compassionate people I have ever met so is was great spending time with her. Lance and I truly hope we can raise Reese to have some of the same compassion that Claire has!! Saturday evening was spent at Lance's aunt and uncles house for a dinner party. It was so much fun...they have fun friends and were great hosts! We were planning on leaving that evening to drive home so Reese would sleep the whole way home. We did her normal bed time routine by giving her a bath, putting her pjs on, and feeding her. As soon as we were in the car she was asleep and slept the whole way home! She cried out a couple of times but was still asleep...she was probably just telling us she was uncomfortable and ready to be in her own bed. We finally arrived home around 3:00 am, got Reese to bed, and slept until 7:30. I fed Reese and then we slept again until 10:15. Today has been so relaxing...we haven't gotten out of our pjs all day! Don't you just love those kind of days? We are so glad we got to visit with Lance's family and that they finally were able to meet Reese.
Charles, Reese, Claire, Anne, Louie, and Lance
Four Generations: Reese, Claire, Lance, Grandma Hazel, and Charles

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