Monday, November 12, 2007

A Year Ago

A year ago yesterday, Lance and I learned (or confirmed) that we were pregnant. For a week it had been seriously in the back of our minds but for a couple of weeks it was a potential. "It" was late but I didn't think much about "it" until I was headed to Virginia for a day trip with work. I thought "it" would arrive that day which would have been horrible because traveling with "it" is not fun!! When I got home I told Lance that "it" had not arrived yet. We both kind of laughed and went on about our business. Every night after that I would say, "Still not yet". Each night both of our laughs turned to more of a nervous laughter. Finally I told Lance that if "it" wasn't here by next Friday we would get a pregnancy test. So that Friday rolled around and of course Lance had to work that night. I worked on things for a silent auction I was planning to keep my mind off of "it". Saturday we ran errands and did other things but didn't really talk about "it". Finally that night Lance asked if I wanted to go to the store to get the test. I said no let's go to dinner. So we went to Outback. During dinner we joked about the possibility. Lance thought for sure I was pregnant and I wasn't so sure. After dinner we went to Eckerd. He tried to send me in by myself and I said no way. I didn't want to go somewhere that I went often either...I didn't want them to know who I was. Lance said I was acting like I was 15 years old and afraid I was pregnant. He kept saying "We are married...it is ok to shop for this." I still felt nervous so I bought two tests in the pharmacy and we left. We went straight home. I guess I was so nervous because we hadn't planned this at all. I went to the bathroom and peed on the stick...by the way we bought the digital one because it either said pregnant or not pregnant...we didn't have to worry about if we misread the lines, colors, etc. Three long minutes later we both went back in to the bathroom to check the results and there it was blaring out the word pregnant. I picked it up and just laughed. That night started our journey to where we are now. I would not have changed the way it happened for the world!! The next eight months were great and the following four have been even better.

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