Thursday, January 10, 2008

Book Reviews

I recently finished reading two books. The first one I read was James Patterson's "You've Been Warned" and the second one was Cecilia Ahern's "P.S. I Love You". These books were obviously very different but yet both still enjoyable.

I am a huge fan of James Patterson. However, this book was completely different from any other book of his that I have read. I am not a big fan of things that scare me and this book definitely did!! I had to put it down several times. Most of his books are murder mystery so I am used to that part of his writing. I think this book scared me so much more because usually the narrator is involved in solving the murders but this book she was a part of the murders. I won't give too much away about it but my opinion on this book is I have read better books by James Patterson.

"P.S. I Love You" was recommended by my cousin Lissa as a good read. I had to take this with a grain of salt because she also recommended "My Sister's Keeper" and I hated that book. Just kidding Lissa! I trust your judgement...that book was just too sad for me! Anyways, back to "P.S. I Love You". This was an amazing book!! It is about a women (30 years old) who looses her husband to a brain tumor. Through out the book she is coping with his death and learning how to go on with her life without her husband. It is a book that reminds you to be thankful and to live each day like it is your last. The most suprising thing to me was that the author wrote this book when she was 21 years old. It was very well written and easy to get in to. I would catch myself through out the day being excited about being able to open the book back up and read more. I imagine if I didn't have Reese I would have finished that book in a day!! The movie is out now starring Jennifer Gardner but I think I will wait until it is on DVD. I can't imagine it is as good as the book.

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