Monday, January 7, 2008

Get in shape!!

I can't believe I am about to put these pictures on here but it is my way of making myself get back in to shape. Every day (M-F) for two and a half years I worked out. Even up until two weeks before Reese was born. However, I have not worked out but maybe two days since she was born. I feel like a huge slob and I really need to get my butt working. Lance and I have contemplated buying a treadmill or rejoining a gym. I honestly think a treadmill would be easier but working out is not suppose to be easy and it is definitely not more cost effective. Hopefully I can find us a gym that is reasonably priced and we can get moving again.
Here I am a year before I got pregnant. We had just finished doing Body for Life and we had busted our butts!!
Here I am at 39 weeks pregnant.
Haha...you thought I was going to have a picture of me now...no chance. But you can only imagine what my belly looks like after having Reese. So I need to get on it and get back in shape!!

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