Saturday, November 1, 2008

After Halloween Party

Today we went to a Halloween Party with the mommies and babies that we get together with occasionally. We call all of the parties "Baby Daddy (insert whatever the event is)"...today's party was the "Baby Daddy Halloween Party". This is so the baby's daddies can all meet and hang out. We try to do this once a month. Unfortunately, Lance has only been to one party...the first one. Each party he has had other plans. Today he was cheering on the jackets while Reese was busy being a cute bumblebee.

She ALWAYS wants to play with the baby toys...even though she was never interested in them at our house.

Here we are at the party. I am glad we got to use her costume one more time. Today we went with out the turtle neck because it was a nice day.

Here we are with Amy and Tuck-Tuck.
Thanks Amy for sharing these pictures.

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