Saturday, November 22, 2008

An Eventful Day

Starting 5:30 AM I hear, "ma-ma, ma-ma". I think to myself, she can't be awake already. Get out of bed to go see why she is awake. Pick her up out of bed because she is obviously wide awake. Feel her arm is soaking wet up to her elbow. Put my hand on her bed and feel it is soaking wet. Turn on the light. See throw up all over the bed and her pjs...horrible smell hits. It is Outback's chicken fingers. Wake Lance up. We tag team cleaning up. Put her clothes in the wash. I bathe her while she shivers because it is freezing at 5:30 in the morning in our bathroom. Wash her hair...which she hates as usual. Dry her off, put new pjs on, turn Elmo on because we are not going back to sleep right away. She watches Elmo...all 50 minutes. We try to close our eyes. 6:30, put her back in bed. She goes to sleep...as do we.

Once we are up and moving again, I head out the door to a baby shower for a high school friend. I decorated the burp cloth to the right as one of her gifts. You can never have too many burp cloths and if you have to have them why not make them look cute? Lance stayed home with Reese who takes a three hour nap for him. After the shower I met them at the mall to buy Reese some pants because she does not have many. As we are about to head out we see Reese's favorite people...Tuck-Tuck and Me-me. She was super happy about seeing them!!
By bath time we have changed two super stinky diapers, had a couple of breakdowns, and her hair still smells of a hint of throw up. Hopefully Reese's tummy will feel better tomorrow!! And her hair won't stink any more!!

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Tucker's Mom said...

love the bib! that is so cute.. can you show me how to make one?