Sunday, November 23, 2008

A little bug

Reese's tummy has still been upset today. We called the nurse on call this morning and she said that a stomach bug has been going around. So we guess Reese must have caught it. Please, God, do not let Lance and I get it from her. Lance has this week off to spend time with us and it would be horrible if we were both stuck in the bathroom!! Reese took another long nap today so hopefully her body is busy fighting off this bug. All day she has been asking for milk and we won't give it to her. That is the last thing her little tummy needs. She has been downing Pedialyte and trying to stay as hydrated as possible. I feel so terrible for her!! It makes me sad when she is sick. This morning Lance stayed home from church with Reese so we didn't get any of the other kids sick. He entertained her with "Mo" all morning. Here is a video of them playing on Sesame Street's website.

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