Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not again

What a weekend it has been. Friday afternoon Reese woke up from her nap with a rash. I thought maybe it could just be a heat rash so I was going to give her time to cool off. The rash never went away and was worse the next morning. So for the third time this week I took her to the doctors office Saturday morning because they wanted to make sure it was not an allergic reaction to her antibiotics. Our appointment was at 11:30...we didn't get to see the doctor until 12:30. It was busy there. So many kids are sick right now. When we finally got to see her she said it was just a reaction to the medicine and not an allergic reaction. She said about 50% of kids have this same reaction. She sent us off and said we could finish the medicine.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I didn't have time for this doctors appointment!! I had a baby shower to go to at 2 that afternoon and them some friends were coming over for dinner that evening. I had plans of cleaning the house, wrapping my present, getting dinner made ahead of time, etc. Luckily I was able to make dinner before I left for the doctor and my wonderful honey cleaned the house for me while we sat (and sat and sat) at the doctors office. While we were at the doctors Reese was getting so bored. I pulled out the crayons for her to color with but she only wanted to color on the table so I took them away. I tried to entertain her as best I could but she wanted to stand on the chairs or tables. She eventually melted down in the middle of the waiting room floor. It was lovely. When I finally got home I had about 45 minutes to get ready to leave. I went to wrap my present and realized I didn't have enough wrapping paper...wonderful! So I had to run to the store, buy the paper, and head back home. I got the present wrapped and was to the party right on time...whew!

Today Reese woke up with a really yucky nose so we decided to keep her home from church with Lance. He entertained her with Elmo, Caillou (sp?), and Baby Einstein (that she has started to like again). This afternoon she took over a three hour nap and woke up with a clean nose!! Woohoo! I think her body was working hard to heal. Hopefully we can start the new week healthy!!

This week Reese has been having fun in her tu-tu. Every time she wakes up she wants to put it on.

She also let me put her hair in full pigtails this week. It was so cute. I can't believe her hair is long enough to do that now!!

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Justin and Kristin said...

The tutu made me laugh out loud! I didn't know you went through all of that Saturday morning! I am glad you made the shower!