Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So Bad

We have been so bad about taking pictures lately!! I guess since we were all sick for two weeks there was no need in documenting that!! So here are a couple of new pictures...

Today it is so warm outside and inside that I have let Reese run around in her diaper. And tu-tu of course. She added a "watch" to the collection today...notice the teething ring on her right arm. She ate her whole lunch with her hand like that to keep her "watch" on. When I asked her if she wanted me to take it off she said no.

The other day she came down the stairs like this. You can tell she slid down on her belly because her tu-tu is so high up and it pushed her shirt up too. I tried to pull the tu-tu down and she got mad at me so it stayed like this for a while.

This is what she looks like right now sleeping in her bed. Her toy collection keeps growing in her crib. The only thing I put in her bed originally was the kitty. She used to sleep with two pacifiers so I took one away and replaced it with the kitty. Then Elmo was added and he has been in there a while. Then Abby joined the gang...Abby side bar...she woke me up last night. She sings and I guess Reese rolled over on her because at 3:45 AM I heard, "I'm Abby Caddaby, I liked to play with you. I just so happy to be friends with you. Hahaha". Reese didn't even stir but I was awake for a while after that. After Abby the Cabbage Patch doll was added. So hopefully we will stick to just these four for now. Right now they are all lined up pretty nicely but usually they are all over the bed...they look like they are watching her sleep.


Allison and Michael said...

Hey Renee! So cute...you can tell she's got such a fun personality.

Tucker's Mom said...

My fav part of this pic (minus the tutu) is that she is hugging a sippy cup!