Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break

Since it was Spring Break this past week we were able to get together with some people we don't get to usually see during the week. Monday, we went to Monkey Joe's with a family from our small group. They have a daughter who is a year older than Reese and then two older sons. Reese was very excited about going to play at Monkey Joe's and she had a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun talking with their mommy too. While we were there it was snowing outside!! Seriously, I am ready for spring!!

Thursday we went out to my parents house to meet a friend of mine from high school and her daughters who are close to Reese's age. We haven't seen them since August so it was great to get together. We took the kids to the neighborhood playground and had lunch there. Then Reese and I went back to my parents house and spent the night there.

Reese was playing with the blocks with my mom. My mom gave her earrings and she loved them...

Reese loves this little cowboy hat and riding the horse...she is our little cowgirl...riding side saddle.

A couple of milestone notes for me...Reese is talking a lot...A LOT!! She is putting several words together. As I type this she is saying, "No,no monkey jump on bed". I think that is the most words she has ever strung together. She is a talking machine. She can also count to six. However, she usually skips one. She can count to ten if you count with her. (You start with one, she will say two, you say three, she will say four, etc.) A new and sweet thing she is doing...she will kiss her baby, say hug (not hug her), say "nigh-nigh", and "you-a" which means "I love you". It is so sweet to watch her go through routines that we do with her. Her imagination is really growing right now. I catch her talking to her baby dolls a lot...especially before and after nap times.

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