Saturday, October 23, 2010

80 Years Young

Today we celebrated my Papa’s 80th birthday.  He and his wife, Peggy, hosted a party for all of their friends and family at a manor in downtown Stone Mountain.  For his birthday present, all the cousins pitched in to hire a photographer to capture family pictures.  We had a great time visiting and celebrating our Papa.  Happy birthday Papa!!  We love you!

Becca, Papa, and me
10-23-10 041

me and Becca
10-23-10 010 

10-23-10 024 

10-23-10 027

Dad, Reese, Mom, me, Sammy, Becca, and Leah
10-23-10 033 

The Reesey Bug and me
10-23-10 055 

Lance and Reese
10-23-10 058

Becca and Sammy
10-23-10 084

*all images edited in Picnik

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Kiera said...

What beautiful pictures!!! You all look great!