Sunday, October 31, 2010

Busy Saturday

Saturday morning we left the house around 9:30 and didn’t get home until 9:00 or so in the evening.  It was a busy day!  We started the morning at Chick-fil-A for breakfast.  After breakfast we ran out to buy Reese and me jackets before it gets too cold.

Our first planned stop for the day was the Fall Festival at Reese’s school.  It was so much bigger this year than it was last year. There were tons of people and tons of activities!! 

Reese got a tattoo.

10-31-10 008

Ran in to her teacher, Mrs. Sandy.

10-31-10 009

Had a little snack.  Doesn’t Sam look so big sitting there with us?

10-31-10 013c

While Lance waited in line for Reese to get her face painted (seriously we waited for an hour or so), I took Reese over to jump in the fire truck jumpy.

10-31-10 023

We finally made it to a chair for face painting.  This was Reese’s first time getting her face painted and she jumped in with both feet.  I thought she would just get a little small picture on her cheek but she saw a picture of a kitty-cat and wanted it.

10-31-10 028

She did such a great job sitting there.  The picture below is the first time she saw herself in the mirror.  Her reaction was a little like she was scared at first and then she got a big grin on her face. 

10-31-10 032

She loved it!!

10-31-10 033

Our babysitter was there with her roommate selling jewelry.  Reese was so excited to see her and could not wait to show her the kitty-cat face.

10-31-10 035

After our long wait to become a kitty Reese finally got to do more activities.  She LOVES jump houses.

10-31-10 036

This is the look of violence.  Lance was trying to take Sam’s picture and he wacked the camera with a toy. 

10-31-10 041

The hayride was a little edited this year because the little lake on the property flooded from all of the rain we had this week.  It was still fun though.

10-31-10 044

After the hayride Reese wanted to try to rope the mechanical calf.  I was so surprised that she wanted to sit on the fake horse.

10-31-10 050

Her form looks good, right? Ha!

10-31-10 052

And then on to the inflated obstacle course.

10-31-10 054

Our next adventure was on to Leah’s house to watch some of the Georgia v. Florida game.  They have a precious little kitten named Bojangles.  It took the kids  a little while to get warmed up to him but Reese finally would pet him and Sam chased him squealing around the house.

10-31-10 056

10-31-10 063

 10-31-10 064

10-31-10 065

And Reese started getting tired.

10-31-10 066

From Leah’s we headed to dinner with Lance’s family to celebrate his Dad’s birthday.  Both kids fell asleep in the car and were a little cranky at dinner but we all had a great time. 

What a busy day!


Claire Machen said...

looks like yall had a great weekend! Resse was a precious kitty cat and Dorothy!I cant get over how big Sammy is getting! Love to you all! xox Claire

Claire Machen said...

opps Reese :)