Sunday, October 3, 2010

Us Lately

Friday afternoon Sam’s fever finally broke and he started feeling better.  We still never figured out what was wrong with him but he was pitiful.

10-3-10 002

Reese had gymnastics on Friday.  Her new thing is that when ever she falls down or gets “hurt” she wants a band-aid.  Miss Beth always caves and gives her one.  I told her on Friday that if she kept getting band-aids they were going to start charging her a nickel for each one.  She didn’t like that idea so hopefully she will stop getting “hurt”.

10-3-10 005

We had planned to go to a pumpkin patch on Saturday but since Sam had been sick I decided to stay home with him.  Lance took Reese to Cagle’s Dairy Farm and pumpkin patch with Matt, Maddie, and Jocelyn.  This is the same place I took Reese last year before Sam was born.  They had a great time!

They got to jump on the big jumping pillow.

10-3-10 016

10-3-10 130

10-3-10 133

Go through a corn maze.

10-3-10 025

There were signs that had questions that helped you figure out which way to go in the maze.

10-3-10 051

Lance tried to get a picture of the girls but they were not interested in it.

10-3-10 036

And apparently Reese wasn’t interested in getting her picture made at all.

10-3-10 048 

They also rode on the hayride.

10-3-10 074

And saw the cows herded by the dog.

10-3-10 096

Reese actually petted one of the calves. 

10-3-10 115 

While they were out Sam and I had our own special day.  We went shopping for a little while and then he took a nap.


Saturday night Lance and I went out to celebrate one of our friends birthday.  We all went to dinner at Tuscany and then back to their house for dessert.  We had a GREAT night visiting with friends!

 10-3-10 152

So far we have had a lazy Sunday.  Maybe I will go take a nap to complete the laziness!

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