Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Circa 1997

A month or so ago Becca called with a totally random question.  I can’t remember exactly what she said but it went something like this:

B: “Hey!  I know you are totally uncool now that you are a mom of two and you spend most days in your pjs, no make-up on, hair in a ponytail, and cleaning up poop.  But I was wondering if you wanted to pretend like you were cool for one night.”

R: “Huh? Reese, quiet I am on the phone.  Sam, please stop putting stuff in your mouth. Becca, you still there?  Sorry.  What did you say?”

Ok, so it didn’t really go like that.  She asked if I wanted to go to the Usher concert which really did make me feel so not cool!  I didn’t even know that Usher was still “cool”.  We used to listen to him in high school and loved him.  So I eventually agreed to go with her, Leah, and Susan and pretend like it was 1997 again.  And then I immediately turned off Kidz Bop and turned the radio on to Q100 so I could catch up on the latest and greatest of Usher.

When we arrived at Phillips I was so scared we (or I) was going to be obviously out of place but to my surprise there were ALL kinds of people there.  I blended right in.  Except for maybe my white girl dance moves.  The first act was some Michael Jackson wanna-be named Miguel.  I obviously knew nothing of his and wasn’t quite sure what he was actually doing on stage.  The second act was Trey Songz.  Again, I had no idea who he was but the girl next to me kept calling him her “Baby-Daddy”…she was in love and was watching everything through her binoculars since we were in section 305.  He was a good singer but annoying as a performer.  All of the sudden a song came on that I knew! I leaned over to Becca and said, “I know this song.  It is on Reese’s Kidz Bop CD.”  Dork! Finally Usher came out to an entire arena of screaming girls fans (men, women, boys, girls, grandma’s, teenagers).  He is a great dancer and a lot of fun to watch.  I was a little disappointed in all the showy-ness.  I like a concert where there is just singing (and dancing if necessary).  I don’t need all the talking, costume changes, and fluff. I knew maybe half of the songs.  I knew the old ones and a couple of the new ones (thank you Q100). 

I had a great night reliving old times with my sisters.  Thanks girls for making this old, grubby mom feel cool again for one night! ;-)


Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

Nathan asks me everyday... are you going to put real clothes on or just stay in you pjs? make up... what is that? LOL I love working from home!

Rebecca said...

If I remember correctly, I said I have a question but I need you to say yes before I ask. LOL! I'm so glad you finally said yes! I had so much fun with you! Love you so much!

Amy said...

So glad that you decided to go Renee! That's awesome.. usha.. usha...