Saturday, December 18, 2010

Picture Updates

Pictures from the past week or two…

12-18-10 003


12-18-10 007

The first day that it snowed this season…Reese was still in her pajamas but she put her gloves and hat on.  Then got one of Lance’s sports coats and her crocs.  She didn’t stay out long.

12-18-10 022

Reese’s Christmas show was last Monday.  I honestly don’t remember much from it because I felt so bad.  I know it wasn’t very long, it was called “Jesus is My Best-est Friend”, and the first song they sang was “Happy Birthday Jesus” hence the birthday hats.

12-18-10 034

Reese didn’t look like she was feeling too well throughout the show.  When we got home she had a fever.  I felt so bad having had her at school.  It ended up being her last day of school for the week because her fever never went down.

12-18-10 070

Lance got to experience his first class party.

12-18-10 084

They had snacks and did a little craft.

12-18-10 087

I was sad to miss the party but I am glad Lance got the opportunity to see it all. 

After all of his help and taking care of everything, Lance has a fever today.  I hate that he isn’t feeling well now.  I was praying that he would stay healthy but it looks like he is coming down with it too.  Hopefully it will pass fast!!

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