Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa Parade

Today we enjoyed the Santa Parade in our downtown area.  Reese was so very excited to go.  It was definitely chilly but nothing a warm coat and a hat couldn’t cure.

12-4-10 058

After an iffy start to the morning for Sam he ended up being able to join us at the parade.  Our little monkey enjoyed a banana while waiting for the parade to start.

12-4-10 060

We met our neighbors there which made both girls very happy.

12-4-10 064

Sam loved all the “boy” stuff.  He loved the police motorcycle, the trucks, the airplanes flying over, and would bark at the dogs walking by. 

12-4-10 067 

I am so glad he was able to go with us today because he didn’t move the entire hour of the parade.  He just sat in my lap and stared in awe of it all.

12-4-10 099

What a fun time!!  I am so excited about this Christmas season.  Reese is super excited about everything (except for Santa) and I think Sam will just get a kick out of watching Reese be crazy!

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